imageFor me, when I think of eating Indian based foods, I think of eating out. I never brought those flavors home to mix up our meal routine, except if I found a good curry chicken salad from the store! It always seemed so exotic and so complicated, that is until I discovered these sauces; Maya Kaimal Coconut Curry Simmer Sauce ! You need to try these and you must keep them in your refrigerator and have them on hand for anything you can think of! This all natural flavored sauce, or any one of their simmer sauces are delicious, and  when added to any protein or vegetable dish will make your taste buds explode! The entire line is filled with exotic, warm, and deeply nourishing flavors. These sauces can be found in your specialty aisle of the grocery store, health food store, or online. The most important part of this scoop is that every single ingredient is real whole food! The words can be pronounced by our 6-year-old child which means  this sauce is not only yummy, but deeply nutritious.  Its simple to use, delicious, and you will feel like a kitchen success, and that is the CURRY SAUCE SCOOP!

Simple Meal Under 5 minutes

  • Cubed cooked chicken (or whatever you prefer)
  • Pour the sauce over the chicken and simmer in the pan
  • DONE! and you feel FANCY!
  • Pre- made bagged broccoli slaw mixed with your favorite dressing for the side salad

This was such a healthy, warming meal and I wound up making an accidental super low – carb meal without even trying!  There was no deception in the ingredients, and I didn’t “cook” a thing. This took less than 5 minutes to prepare and tasting so yummy! I made a crispy slaw on the side with ginger dressing.  The sweet, fresh crunchiness paired so well with the smoky heat from the curry. Buy broccoli slaw when you want to eat a salad, but you’re not in the mood to make a salad!

Healthy Scoop:

Turmeric, the ingredient which curry is made from has been used to treat inflammatory conditions for centuries.  Curcumin is derived from the turmeric root and the powder form of curry is a huge source of antioxidant benefits!  Curcumin protect against free radicals, so this helps protect us from diseases, illness, and keeps our blood sugar levels low. There are recent studies that indicate that turmeric root also can help prevent Alzheimer’s disease! Now wouldn’t that be just incredible! The right food really can be a         “farm-acy“!

You can always pick this up at your local healthy grocer market such as Mrs. Greens or local supermarket!

Enjoy the scoop!


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