For all our conflicted bread lovers out there, here’s a little something for you to get you through your days. This is some good SCOOP for you, and a definite game changer for me! There are  some of us out there who have a difficult time digesting grains; a painful, stomach crunching awful time. Many of us want to reduce our intake of wheat consumption, ( that’s me! ) and some of us who honestly do not want to eat carbs! Either way, you are making a choice based on what makes you feel good, and that is what is fundamentally important; what works for you!

Well, this works for me.  Julian Bakery has created the closest thing to perfection in the no wheat/gluten-free/ grain free bread category I have come across. Their Paleo bread is hands down the best replacement for wheat bread I have ever found . Eight ingredients , no sweetener of any type added and offered in coconut flour or almond flour based, you are really going to be happy that this bread is here!  Nothing that is not natural and wholesome is added to their breads.

I personally believe in real bread. Fresh baked bread with pronounceable ingredients like salt , eggs, yeast and flour! I do not believe in low-calorie breads, because it comes with too many artificial ingredients. This bread is so minimally processed and the ingredients are so fresh that it needs to be kept in the freezer section! Yes, this excites me! I keep it in the refrigerator once I get home , because I go through it quickly.

This morning I had some French toast made with Paleo Almond Bread. Almond Flour French Toast, does it get any better? I love the nutty, warm flavor. A little SCOOP for you; because this bread doesn’t crisp up , you need to lay it flat when toasting it. I give it a quick toast in the frying pan to warm it up or wrap it in tinfoil to toast it in the toaster.

This line of food is not so easy to find in the supermarkets, so if you can’t get to a health food grocery store, order the bread directly on-line from Julian Bakery where they will ship it to you frozen. They also carry wraps, chocolate, and waffles too! This is such a bread breakthrough! I buy my bread at Mrs. Greens in Mount Kisco.

Ingredients: Purified Water, Almond Flour, Organic Coconut Flour, Egg Whites, Psyllium Seed Powder, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Potassium Bicarbonate, Sea Salt…

Healthy Scoop –  Look at these ingredients! The apple cider vinegar is being used as a natural preservative due to its proven antibacterial properties, and Psyllium Seed is a natural bulk forming laxative that’s used to treat Crohn’s disease.



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