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Crazy for Cauliflower

I touched down after midnight last night and I couldn’t wait to get to work on this Cauliflower Scoop! Cauliflower has been all around the ether lately . Every where you look there is a recipe being shared for either cauliflower rice,  mash, or soup. So why all the cauliflower fuss? And what is the nutritional scoop on this cruciferous power house?
Here’s a few reasons you absolutely should be eating your cauliflower aside from the fact that it just tastes absolutely yummy!
  • It is rich in broad spectrum antioxidants and  anti inflammatory nutrients which means that they protect our body from over active cells that can cause harm in the way of suppressed immune support and certain types of cancers.
  • Choline : If you only eat egg whites, than you are missing out on the most nutritious part of the egg. But cauliflower contains Choline too! Choline are the B – complex vitamins that have to do with anything keeping your brain healthy! Think memory, central nervous system, etc.
  • Have you ever heard that fruits and vegetables tend to look like the body part that they help? Well, if you look closely at the cauliflower, it does kind of look like a brain right? When you slice it up, and look at it, it also resembles the lungs. Cauliflower is known to have tremendous cardiovascular supportive properties as well!  The sulforaphane cauliflower contains triggers an anti-inflammatory response in our cardiovascular system and can help oxygenate our circulatory system.
A few nights ago I was at the hot new steakhouse in Palm Beach called the Meat Market, and the most popular side dish being sold was the roasted cauliflower head. Almost every table had a cauliflower on it! I was so excited seeing this super food make its way to the restaurant hot spot scene! You can only imagine my giddiness, right?
After chatting up the waiter, I found out what the secret ingredient that made their particular cauliflower taste so criminally good and convince people to spend $15 on a roasted vegetable 🙂
So, being inspired, I modified my Fresh Direct order that arrived this morning to include some cauliflower so I can create my own recipe to share with you all! Here it is; still steaming, and totally savory and sweet. My recipe is Gluten Free, and Vegan.
It kind of tasted a little bit like chocolate pudding and mash potatoes at the same time! I think we might be able to fake the kids out on this one with the pudding !
Diana’s Cauliflower Mash- click on the link for my recipe and enjoy!!! cauliflower mash

Roasted Seaweed Snacks

seaweed snakI can’t get my kids to eat fish, but they will eat seaweed. Think about that for a moment, pretty strange. Seaweed tastes more fishy than a piece of fish, but yet it gets eaten in this house regularly. In a quest of never giving up and trying to get my kids to love vegetables I decided to give this a chance a few years ago. They LOVE it. In fact, its crazy how much they love Seaweed Snacks, They practically shovel it into their mouths in a mess. There is no elegant way to eat seaweed snacks because they are a crispy crumbly mess. So in addition to our puny rotation of carrots and cucumbers, we have seaweed as well in our vegetable portion of dinner. You may have walked by the display at Mrs. Greens or at the Supermarket, or you tried these already and decided they don’t work for you.  Heres why you should be adding Roasted Seaweed snacks into your health routine. They are 100% all natural, gets spiced up with a little wholesome flavoring and can give you that crunch you may be missing or craving.

ITS CONFUSING OUT THERE! There are a lot of brands and not all are as pure as they should be.

We have  SeaSnax brand in our house these days.

Here’s why: There is no added sugar, no corn oil and it’s Organic. There are no weird ingredients added to seaweed like flour or starch.  Its pure, and that’s why I prefer it. The scoop is; that some foods are going to have more stuff added to it than others, but when it comes to the awesomeness of seaweed it’s just not necessary to have the extra stuff in there.  I hope this SIMPLEFOODSCOOP helps you sift through the sea of growing seaweed choices out there!

Seaweed Health Scoop

  • Sea Vegetables have unique mineral contents that is needed in our body. While the amount is minimal in a snack like these they still do contain Iodine which is needed for healthy thyroid function which regulates metabolism. Iodine is found mostly in vegetables, and fish especially those grown closer to the sea. A really interesting function of sea veggies are that Sea vegetables are known to bind heavy metals and radioactive pollutants that are present in the environment and remove them from the body.

Munch away and hope you enjoy the scoop!

imageBu them here at FoodScoop Store!

Turmeric Scoop

A few weeks ago I posted about  Maya Kaimal Simmer sauce. This simmer sauce is curry based, and curry is derived from the Turmeric Root. Think about how foods affect the way you feel immediately after eating and the very next day. When you are eating the right foods it can energize your spirit and heal you, the wrong foods and your cranky, bloated and not feeling so great. Here’s a little encouraging turmeric story! This morning I called my mom on the phone to check in and see what she was up to. Our regular chit-chat of the morning took a very uplifting turn. Let me background this story by stating that my mom is pretty on top of her health and definitely errs on the side of “conscience food curious”.  In recent years she has definitely become a bit of a foodie curious health researcher. ( Hmm, wonder where I get my passionate interest from..) “Diana, it’s a miracle!”she tells me.  My mom developed some arthritis in the past few years and the inflammatory effects have been pretty painful for her in the mornings when she wakes up. About six weeks ago she started taking high quality turmeric pills that were suggested to her by her physician.( A particularly forward thinking doctor who adds functional medical therapies to her practice) One day last week she woke up with no pain at all which she shared with me today! Mom went from severe stiffness to a dramatically manageable level of pain. She believes it’s the turmeric that made the difference, with no medicine at all. Now, whether it’s the turmeric pills or not, doesn’t matter, because BELIEF is the power of success! So, YAY for recovering and feeling good! Take charge of your health and wellness and share the message to all your loved ones out there!

Science Scoop: Turmeric is scientifically proven to decrease inflammation in the body. Inflammation is proven to be the source of a litany of ailments. Mom has taken up Restorative Yoga and learned some card games the past few months as well. This is bringing health into her life on a deeply nutritional level by relieving stress and adding to her healing. Yoga (or any meditative practice ) is proven to lower cortisol levels. Cortisol levels control inflammation, and inflammation flares up your body and causes illness. So add some mindful meditative healing to your life and chill out those stress levels!

Give things a chance, give it time, it may take a few months to see results, but nothing easy comes fast.

Cultural Scoop: Curry is consumed in India in Herculean quantities, maybe there is something to their astoundingly low Alzheimer rates? What do you think?

Curcumin / Turmeric  Food Scoop:

1. Add it to your guacamole EVERYTIME! It tastes delicious!

2. Eggs

3. Salad Dressing

4. Chicken Salad: Greek Yogurt, Curcumin , Scallions, Apple Cider vinaigrette, Raisins or Figs: There you have the most delicious curry chicken salad!

Moms high quality Tumeric Pills:


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