Vitamin “K” Kicks Butt!

Are you getting your Vitamin K dose? Yes? Then terrific for you!  Are you unsure where to find your dose of this vitamin? Then please keep on reading! There are many whole foods out there that contain Vitamin K, but some are just better than others! Just by adding 2 cups of these kinds of foods daily can help your body soar to super health!

What are some Super “K” foods?

Brussels Sprouts


Healthy Scoop Breakdown

Just 2 cups of any dark leafy green adds over 200% of your daily requirement!  Amazing!!

So just what can all of this Vitamin K actually do for you, and why should you be eating it?

  • Vitamin K rich foods increase your energy so you have more strength to power through your Spin, yoga and barre classes!
  • Essential to build strong bones so you can hold your body up long and straight!
  • Critical role in healing. K responds to injuries and help heal the body. Vitamin K will help your body bounce back from soreness and get to business!
  • Clears your skin up!
  • Decreases your chances for developing diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and osteoporosis. Recent studies are indicating that it can even help prevent diseases of the brain cells that affect memory loss!

Some Snacks that contains Vitamin K !

 Supeats Kale and Chia Chips                
 Trader Joes Dried Broccoli Florets
Greens Plus Bar Natural Chia


My super new Juice drink will serve up a yummy Vitamin K quenching dose of nutrients and flatten your belly too!


2 Cups of Watercress
1 Cucumber
1 Whole Beet
3 Watermelon Slices
1 Teaspoon of Wheat Grass
1 Teaspoon of Cacao Nibs (not to be confused with Cocoa powder!)
2 Cups of your Liquid Preference (water, coconut water, or beet juice)



  • Anti-anemic watercress is high in iron, Vitamin K and vitamin C.
  • Anti-inflammatory and breath freshening cucumber.
  • Liver cleansing, acid reducing, antioxidant estrogen detoxifier of Beets.
  • Natural diuretic, fiber flowing lycopene filled Watermelon.
  • Sun nourishing and cleansing powers of Vitamin K filled Chlorophyll found in Wheat Grass.
  • Raw Dark chocolate is proven to support a healthy heart!




Please be mindful of your Vitamin K consumption if you are under the care of doctors for blood thinners.

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