Its a Pill, Its a Plane, no its a Mushroom!

The magic healing powers really do lie in the mushroom people! Mushrooms can do a lot of things for the body; some are trippy and some are seriously, downright magical medicine. Why the mushroom talk? This past Sunday, I spent the entire day united with a group of caring individuals who were all bonded with the singular goal of sweating our butts off and cheering on our team mates as we participated in the culminating event for #cycleforsurvival.  It was a very powerful day, and the battle strikes a deep resonating chord with every one of us. We all want to kick cancers butt and wish for a cure. Throughout the day I thought a lot about what I usually think about; what more can we do for ourselves to radically improve self-care which can resonate and improve our health as we age?

While we raise funds and hope for a magic pill to be invented, what can we do right now?

We can start today by adding foods into our routine and shift our perspective on what it truly means to be healthy.  I’m not going to get into all the different types of mushrooms that are out there, but some are way more powerful than others. (Chaga) Eat the variety that you like, and eat them every single day, because here is how they affect your body and prevent cancerous growths.  Do you seriously dislike the taste of mushrooms? Many people really do, and I’m not sure I can eat them every day, so just in case, I ordered these supplements and you should too!

mushroom vitamin


Mushrooms Power Nutritional Scoop

Angiogenesis Inhibitors: Mushrooms inhibit and can stop the growth of blood vessels in cells.  Tumors need blood vessels to grow and spread to feed other cells. Synthetic treatments are available once cells are growing, but mushrooms block the growth of vessels when these cells are floating around in your body at the microscopic phase.

Antigen Binding Lectins: This is just amazing natural science here. Mushrooms bind to the abnormal cells and send them off into the immune system to destroy. Remember when Jacob imprinted on Renesmee, and forever they were connected? No? Yes, well same here; The digested mushroom imprints on the wayward cells, preventing them from spreading and connecting other cells inside the body. They are essentially “tagged” as sick, then gets sent off with its imprint for the immune system to recognize and destroy! This is pretty remarkable making the super power of mushrooms heavily researched.

If your interested in deeper reading about the research on mushrooms, and how they are proven to reduce breast cancers by over 50% and other clinical trials that have followed the magic of mushrooms, I recommend checking out  some of Dr. Fuhrman’s work or David Wolfe’s books on mushrooms as well.

My personal mission for March, is to eat 1/2 cup of mushrooms a day in the spirit of health, and cancer prevention. I’m calling it MARCH MUSHROOM MADNESS! Any interest in joining me? Share in the comment section your favorite mushroom recipes and snacks! Mushroom Pizza, anyone? #mushroommarch and share your pics!


I Sautéed a load of mushroom in my new cast iron skillet, ( that I am crazy for, thank you TJMAXX!) and am saving the mushrooms for the next few meals. Mushrooms repurpose well, you can throw them in the saute pan the next day, and day after that for 1 minute to reheat it up and it tastes just as good as it did on the first day!



Fried egg over avocado toast with mushrooms and scallions. Five minutes and who cares if its just for you!




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