Hey Friends!

As you may have read from one of my earlier posts on Mushrooms I have made a commitment to eat them daily to support strong immune health and illness prevention. Mushrooms are proven to provide our body with this strong level of nutritional support. With 1 week left of March to go I have to say that I am feeling very proud about my commitment both physically and mentally. (Disclaimer: I skipped 1 day so far, It happens:)) I was originally inspired to commit to health with a specific food after participating in Cycle for Survival to help raise money for Cancer Research. This personal challenge  to eat something totally for the purpose of optimal health benefit got me thinking about how much easier it is to add good things into your life, then giving up unhealthy habits. Bad habits stick and its hard to trick ourselves unless we really believe in what we are doing.

How do we shift and change habits?

We try so hard not to eat “this”, and to stick to “that” diet, and stay away from “this” food group. Some of us have been dieting since grade school! A lot of this mind-set has us spinning in circles and over thinking decisions that should be so very easy and innate to make. When you shift your perspective about the quality of food that you will allow yourself to enjoy, it’s no longer about “holding onto the rails,” because you no longer want those ingredients inside your body.

Adding something to your plate that is nutritionally amazing for you is honoring yourself with an entirely new level of self-respect!  Avoiding foods no longer becomes a challenge, it becomes thoughtless.  You don’t want that stinky food that makes you feel stinky and smell stinky!

Think about how you want to feel, over how you want to look, and the choices become effortless.

I feel empowered after eating mushrooms daily ( not because I love them so much) because I know I’m doing something super healthy for myself and making a point of committing to it. I’m aware of this decision daily and it affects the other choices I make. It naturally crowds out the unhealthy foods.


♥ Commit 1 week to a new food that is wholesome and full of nutrition. Check out the benefits of this food and why you should eat it.  Observe what starts to fall away as you fill your self with nourishing foods.

You can check out all the different ways that I have been eating mushrooms this month by clicking on my Instagram account! Hope to see you there commenting and posting as well:)




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