Dried Fruit Fun

I really love eating dried fruit and vegetables. They really help me stick to eating whole sweet foods, and not grab processed food when I’m craving something sweet. Most of the dried fruit in the supermarkets have extra sugar added, and that is the last thing anyone needs in a snack! I do have some store bought favorites and am sharing them below, but in case you are feeling adventurous, you can make your own dried fruit and vegetables too!

I went on Amazon and bought a well reviewed lower priced dehydrater imageand now am the “proud” owner of this model right here. *You can buy it by clicking on it*

Here is what is so cool about these devices that I didn’t know before. They’re similar to a crock pot. You just set it and leave it. I put the fruit on the tray in the morning as I was starting my day, and the fruit was ready by dinner time. You can dry practically anything. I checked my fridge and found a package of beets. Slice it, layer it , leave it, and 8 hours later you are finished!  A homemade fun and super healthy way to eat your fruits and vegetables.

FOODSCOOP:When you dehydrate the food, the temperature dries it while retaining many of the Vitamins and Nutrients inside. This is because most of the fruit and vegetables are set at a relatively low heat for a long period of time while still preserving the vitamins!

BEET SCOOP:Gorgeous Red Beets are so high in Fiber and antioxidants They are Loaded with Folic Acid which is a known heart disease protector. The power player in Beets is the Betanin which prevents the formation of LDL. If you are struggling with high cholesterol then add Beets to help naturally lower it!

8 hours later and look at the results! Just Beautiful and Sweet!



Or you can buy some of my favorite dehydrated snacks below: Enjoy the Sweet Spring Time!

seaweed snak

Seaweed Snacks are full trace minerals!

Dang Coconut chips

The caramel flavor uses coconut sugar! Fiber Filled Sweet Treat! My favorite!




jicama chips

The absolute best! Pre- Biotic cleansing Jicama chips!

dried fruit

Organic Dried Fruit and Nothing Else Added!


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