Bad..Better and Best Nutrition Bar Scoop.


I want to help you choose more efficiently when selecting a nutrition bar. Health Bars are awesome and I usually eat one or sometimes two everyday. If one of your snacks each day is going to come from a bar, you want to make sure that it is actually providing some nutritional value to you other than a repackaged version of a candy bar!

What you need to read first! The most important thing that you should be looking at is the ingredient list, and once you have scanned the list for what is added then you should check out the nutrition panel. The ingredient list tells the story of what you are eating, and that is where the truth of the story lays!

This is from a healthy cleanse diet company? What???

This is from a healthy cleanse diet company? What???

BAD CHOICE: I don’t where to begin with this one. There are plenty of examples out there but I had to select this as my example of a really bad choice out of pure curiosity about this particular brand of product. This is a really good example of deceptive marketing. The Isagenix Nutriton Bar is marketing a brand of products that describes itself as “cleansing”. Woah! Lets just be honest here. This is a GMO candy bar. They have added a combination of artificial and sugar 11 times! I circled them for you. How crazy is this?


There are some better choices for you .

imageBEST CHOICE: Homemade. I am not good at baking at all.  I do whip up a little oatmeal based cookie bar action from time to time and have shared some recipes with you in the past, but the nutritional Bar Local Love goes to Elyce at Skinny Buddha! I’ve been eating these Peanut Bars a lot lately. They are made entirely from whole ingredients. They happen to have more calories than many other bars, but that shouldn’t scare you because you don’t continue to gain weight from healthy fat. Sugar is the criminal , not sunflower seeds:)




Check out this article on where I discuss the top 5 ingredients to avoid!

Not All Bars Are Created Equal


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