What do you pack for your in-flight snacks?

What is it about traveling that can cause us to unravel our healthy habits and dig into the pretzels and Popchips on the plane?  I usually have a lot of resolve on the way out to the destination but generally lose all my senses and have been known to succumb to eating a pack of Rolos on the plane ride heading home! Not good at all, right? But we have all been there.

Here are some snack ideas for you to pack when you are still nice and organized on the way out:) I stopped by  TJMAXX to pick up so organic wholesome snacks to pack for my upcoming travels. Did I mention, I will be on a flight for 11 hours with my kids? Pass the Bloody Mary’s please….;)

Speaking of Bloody Marys:

The reason tomato juice taste so delicious on a plane is because we basically lose our sense of smell or taste at 30,000 feet. Our taste buds are numbed and the most prominent flavors we can detect are those of the Umami category. Think: savory, cheesy, musty, mushroom and horseradish. Basically a steak sandwich tastes better on a plane then an actual chocolate chip cookie. And tomato juice is a really great choice for you! Confession: I only crave and drink tomato juice on a plane. I look forward to it. Does anyone else?


Snacks on a flight need to be tasty, filling, and they need to support the immune system. Here’s what I went with based on my findings this week at TJ’s! Make a little bag to bring along with you.

1. Unsweetened Coconut Chips:  Loads of added Iron are in coconut, and when you are on an airplane breathing in negative, stale circulated air; the iron in the coconut aids in the circulation of the blood throughout your body.

2. Almonds: Need we say more! Delicious, filling and  loaded with fat and fiber to keep you full.

3. Gogi Berries: My favorite. These tiny Asian berries have been used in Chinese traditional medicine for 1000’s of years. Loaded with antioxidants such as beta-carotene which is proven to aid in glowing and healthy skin. Plus; they are always on sale!

4. Matt’s Munchies: So these are from my other favorite store; Trader Joes! I stock up on these all natural single ingredient fruit strips in mango and keep them in my bag daily. They are 40 calories each too. Not bad if you are counting, right?

Why is this a good choice?

Fruit to add some sweetness, plus the fiber and fat from the nuts and coconut to blunt the blood sugar rise to help keep me full for this long flight to paradise are all natural choices. If you add a health bar like the choices mentioned here, then you should be all set for the flight!

Happy Summer to All and Happy, Healthy travel Snacking ! 

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