I’m Diana and welcome to SIMPLEFOODSCOOP! I love learning about the benefits of different foods and how they affect our individual self.  As a certified Health Coach my passion is to continually deepen my knowledge of all things related to Wellness and Health Care. I particularly love learning about the science of how food works within our body. With this knowledge I  coach people towards their happiness, sustained health, vitality and continued success with diet and fitness.  I get a thrill finding nourishing foods and sharing my discoveries . l believe food is just one component of nourishment in our lives to get us to that balanced happy place that we all crave.  Sharing my knowledge about health, balance, unique products is a simple, authentic pleasure of mine ,and giving you the scoop on it will hopefully show you how to incorporate them into your nourishing “food” world.


The purpose of this blog is to make your “food” life easier.  Food can be whatever feeds your happiness! We all want to live well, look good, and have enough time to do it all, but its confusing and hard to figure out how to choose the right items and fix a fast meal, snack , or beauty fix! Some of the items posted here will have some ideas for  an under 10 minute snack or meal. Some are just some of my favorite things! Healthy Food doesn’t have to be complicated to find at the grocery store, or difficult to prepare. It can be easy, if not fun! Time is really important to all of us, and it would be great to just have a list of exactly what to buy. Consider this your shopping list, and if it appeals to your taste, then give it a try! The most confusing part about eating healthy is that we are misinformed about what foods can truly nourish us on a deep level. SIMPLEFOODSCOOP can de clutter the confusion for you. It is the little discoveries that make our life easier, and bring us joy, whatever they may be to you. Look out for the scoop that makes me feel nourished, healthy and a little joy!

Enjoy the scoop!

Interested in working with me ? I have space for new clients at Access Physical Therapy and Wellness where I will the on-site Health Coach. Click here for more information about my HEALTH COACHING practice! 


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