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Young "ish" mother of two delicious kids, married to a very supportive guy who believes in my abilities and natural gift. Im spending this year studying to become a health coach and starting a blog, which I never ever thought would be part of my world. I Love pretty things, fancy things, nature things, and simple pleasures:) I have a knack for getting things done timely, quickly and efficiently. I really truly love being a source of information for others. Just trying to better myself, use my experiences to help others and carve out my own unique niche in the world..

Wanting something sometimes sounds like WHINING for something..

Think about when you hear your children say they “want” something. It often comes across as a long whiny sounding.. “I wannnttttt..” Adults sound like this all the time when they talk about what they want.  I hear it with strangers, I hear it with friends, it’s everywhere. Think about this scenario.

Two friends are chatting about their diets. The first one says, “I want to be healthy and feel great.” The second one says, “I intend to be healthy and feel great.”
Which one do you think is going to get healthy and feel great? Yep—the one who intends it.
Wanting is simply wishing you can have.

Intending means you’re committed to achieving something by making a plan for success—and sticking to it!

My favorite people to spend time with are intellectually curious about the world around them. They generally live with intention showing up with what they have decided to do. These people inspire me. They dont “wind” themselves up talking about what their goals are; they simply start them and stay the course. If this doesn’t come naturally to you but you desire to live with more intention to reach your goals, you can too! Simply think about what you “want” and change the word to “intend.” Whether your goals are big or small, if you intend on success, then you will find a way to reach it, obtain it and have it!
The Fuel for Desired Results
The key to intention is action – try this to build your intention muscle:

  • Get clear on what you want. Create a vision board by gathering images and words, use pinterest, or follow instagram accounts that inspire you, or simply write down a list on your phone or in a journal. See you goals and make it happen.
  • Do something to make your desires happen. Let’s say you want to eat more vegetables each day.
    Your first action may be to go to a farmers’ market and purchase a few veggies you can cook for dinner.  Need to start drinking water? Buy a large glass water bottle and have it filled up each night so its ready to take with you throughout the day. Intend to drink it all. Start there. Join the gym. Try every exercise out there to figure out what you like and stick with it! Dont be forced into the latest trendy workout. Find what works for your needs and your speed.
  • Time is just an excuse. Figure out how to prioritize the way that you manage time.

Everyday is a new chance to set an intention for a great day:
Rather than diving into your morning and hoping you’ll achieve your day’s big goal, why not take a moment and set yourself up for success?
Try this “Setting An Intention to Succeed” exercise used by professional athletes, speakers, politicians, and
• Upon waking, lie in bed and think about what you have planned for your day (or, find a quiet spot to sit and contemplate). YOU HAVE 2 MINUTES TO DO THIS! IT WORKS!
• Think about your desired outcome. Take a deep breath and visualize yourself succeeding.
• Replay your success several times in your mind.
• Lastly, replay the scene again, adding emotions. Feel your elation at getting the job, your pride at finally
finishing your work, hitting the weight loss goal, taking the trip, or getting that fancy bag! Yes. You can think about all these things, just change your tone from simply “wanting” it like a child, to “intending” on absolutely getting it done!

It’s all about balance and changing the way we approach how to reach our goals. Wishing you all success in getting everything you intend on having !

Fear of Food

I used to diet myself fat. This is the only way to describe the lifelong addiction of restriction. Afraid of eggs, only eating egg whites. Afraid of ice cream, only eating fat-free frozen yogurt. Afraid of butter, and only using the spray on can to grease the pan. Afraid of 2% Greek Yogurt, and only eating the Fat Free variety. The list goes on and on and on. Fear holds us back from so many things in our lives that can benefit our well-being, heal our soul, make us stronger, smarter and more successful.  Fear also hold us back from stepping outside ourselves to recognize our true nature and accepting our behavior.  Fear protects us from being wrong. I am wrong all of time, and so are you. Accept it and don’t bristle and become defensive when it is recognized by someone else. This is fear.

It doesn’t happen overnight, but with subtle habit shifts and awareness to how you feel after you eat certain foods, or create new habits, you can also recognize that its much more freeing and healthy to live without fear of food.

I swear to you, that my life is separated into two parts. I call it Before Egg Whites  and After Egg Whites. So much change, growth, career expansion, body  loving strength,  mental clarity, and health is in the after part! So much of our identify is wrapped up into how we eat; and how we eat it how we live.

Do you live with a discipline for health or do you live with a restriction of cautious fear? There is a big difference between the two.

Email me for a free Heath and Wellness Consultation and I can help you navigate past these fears and coach you to your version of balanced health!

In good Health and Happy Holiday Cheer!



Cherry-Chia Smoothie to the Muscle Rescue


Hi there healthy people! First I would like to take a moment and just spread some healing energy out there to everyone in the world who is suffering on all sides of borders and divides.


Muscle Soreness. I have got it. I can officially declare that at about 3 months since starting Cross Fit,  I officially am in it. I have added this intense – muscle – making body defying form of fitness to my routine. While I have not given up my beloved weekly barre class; I was definitely too sore from CrossFit to attend my regular Wednesday Centerpeace class!

What to eat when you are feeling very sore? Last year I created an online data base called FOODSCOOP for myself to use and share with clients, friends or whoever needed a resource to specifically check out which foods they may use for specific health needs they are having. This post is based on the food recommended from that site:).


Muscle Soreness:

Tart Cherries: Anthocyanins: the properties that give cherry their bright red color are credited with soothing sore muscles, alleviating pain and helping repair those inflamed muscles – they also provide melatonin and can aide soothing into bedtime.

Ginger: I always ask for extra ginger when eating sushi! Not only do the gingerols soothe an upset stomach and nausea, but daily consumption of ginger helps with chronic muscle pain and has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years for this purpose!

Eggs/Lean Protein: It goes without saying that you must eat protein to repair your muscles. The concept is quite simple. Protein has 1 function in our body. It builds and repairs things. It is the brick, mortar and the glue of our body!

Turmeric: the gold star of anti-inflammatory healers. See here for a detailed article on turmeric. It is an anti-inflammatory spice proven to reduce chronic inflammation when added regularly to the diet.


Cherry Chocolate Chia SmoothieCherry-Berry-Ginger-Smoothie-612x300

  1. ½ cup of frozen Cherries ( the season is short, buy frozen)
  2. ½ a banana
  3. 2 Tbsp of Chia seeds
  4. Ginger  (it gets rotten fast. so refrigerate and buy small quantities )
  5. Raw cacao
  6. ½ cup of Frozen Spinach
  7. Water and a splash of unsweetened Almond Milk

Enjoy and sending you health, healing and happiness during this holiday season and throughout..

The Skinny Fat Snack Scoop.


Are you still scared of fat? It’s a hard one to wrap our brains around; especially in this grocery world where you are deciding between the outer aisles and inside aisles. Where are you supposed to cut the fat and where should you be adding it? I am not advocating any sort of diet plan. Each persons body is designed to respond to food in very different ways, but one thing is for sure about fat. We need it to survive, thrive and feel healthy.

Our bodies need fat for insulation, vitamin and mineral absorption, and to protect our organs. High-quality
fats can steady our metabolism, keep hormone levels even, nourish our skin, hair, and nails, and provide lubrication to keep the body functioning fluidly.

Where to Find Healthy Fats
• Avocados, olives, and coconuts are great sources of healthy fat, along with wild salmon and omega-3 rich
organic eggs.
• Whole nuts and seeds, and their butters like almond butter or tahini
• Look for the highest-quality organic oils when shopping. Words to look for: organic, first-pressed, coldpressed,
extra-virgin, and unrefined. Avoid expeller-pressed, refined, and solvent extracted.

You all know I love my avocados daily so here’s one of my favorite recipes for a crowd 🙂
Avocado Dipimage
Prep Time: 3 minutes
Makes 1 cup
1 large peeled and pitted avocado
2/3 cup plain yogurt, goat yogurt, coconut yogurt, or almond yogurt
1 diced tomato
a squirt of lemon or lime juice
dash or two of cayenne pepper
sea salt and black pepper
• Mash avocado with a fork until very smooth.
• Add yogurt, tomato, cayenne. Blend until smooth. This may be done in a food processor, in a blender, or
with a fork.
• Add sea salt and fresh black pepper to taste.

Dairy is debatable and controversial; but I am all for yogurt for the pro-biotic benefits. It doesn’t bother me; so I eat it. If you aren’t sure how you feel about dairy then choose coconut or almond yogurts:) If you feel utterly overwhelmed by all the information out there regarding dairy or any food and think you can use some guidance learning about what works for you than contact me for some Health Coaching and we can work on creating some positive change!


Whether you are sweating at the gym, or strolling the hills of Chappaqua, you need the right fuel to keep you energized daily. These are my Skinny Fat Snacks that keep me fired up EVERY DAY! Let me know what you like to snack on to keep you fit and feeling great!


It is finally here! I am so excited to share this chocolate with you that you must excuse any typos 😉  I’m not trying to be a chocolate pusher and telling you all that you must eat; but simply am intent on sharing with you WHY you must run out and buy this chocolate!


Last February I discover the GO RAW chocolate at the gourmet store down the road from my in-laws Florida pad. I read the ingredients, got really excited and bought two… okay, maybe three.

Got back home to Mount Kisco and tried every local grocery store in my area and no one carried it. I even begged the manager at my local organic grocers to stock up; trying to convey  to him how it fits with their product line and they already carry the brand. No success.

Whenever I remembered to buy it I ordered them from Amazon and passed the scoop onto some friends. How do you like those chocolates now, Katy? 🙂

Now they are local and you can buy GO RAW chocolate at the newly re- opened Mount Kisco Farm grocery store.


I don’t really like totally dark chocolate, and that is the healthy kind. I love milk chocolate, but that’s the not so great kind. This is the HEALTHY AMAZING dairy free, no junk added kind! You know when certain super healthy people who you admire talk about eating chocolate each evening. THIS is what they are referring too, not the chocolate with the added junk mentioned here in this article .


1.Raises serotonin levels: Are you happy when you eat chocolate?

2. Raises HDL and cocoa helps oxidize LDL

3. See the nutrition panel below for pure dark cocoa.

  • 67% of the RDA for Iron.
  • 58% of the RDA for Magnesium.
  • 89% of the RDA for Copper.
  • 98% of the RDA for Manganese.
  • It also has plenty of potassium, phosphorus, zinc and selenium

Want more ideas and ways to swap out your pantry? Contact me:) 

What do you pack for your in-flight snacks?

What is it about traveling that can cause us to unravel our healthy habits and dig into the pretzels and Popchips on the plane?  I usually have a lot of resolve on the way out to the destination but generally lose all my senses and have been known to succumb to eating a pack of Rolos on the plane ride heading home! Not good at all, right? But we have all been there.

Here are some snack ideas for you to pack when you are still nice and organized on the way out:) I stopped by  TJMAXX to pick up so organic wholesome snacks to pack for my upcoming travels. Did I mention, I will be on a flight for 11 hours with my kids? Pass the Bloody Mary’s please….;)

Speaking of Bloody Marys:

The reason tomato juice taste so delicious on a plane is because we basically lose our sense of smell or taste at 30,000 feet. Our taste buds are numbed and the most prominent flavors we can detect are those of the Umami category. Think: savory, cheesy, musty, mushroom and horseradish. Basically a steak sandwich tastes better on a plane then an actual chocolate chip cookie. And tomato juice is a really great choice for you! Confession: I only crave and drink tomato juice on a plane. I look forward to it. Does anyone else?


Snacks on a flight need to be tasty, filling, and they need to support the immune system. Here’s what I went with based on my findings this week at TJ’s! Make a little bag to bring along with you.

1. Unsweetened Coconut Chips:  Loads of added Iron are in coconut, and when you are on an airplane breathing in negative, stale circulated air; the iron in the coconut aids in the circulation of the blood throughout your body.

2. Almonds: Need we say more! Delicious, filling and  loaded with fat and fiber to keep you full.

3. Gogi Berries: My favorite. These tiny Asian berries have been used in Chinese traditional medicine for 1000’s of years. Loaded with antioxidants such as beta-carotene which is proven to aid in glowing and healthy skin. Plus; they are always on sale!

4. Matt’s Munchies: So these are from my other favorite store; Trader Joes! I stock up on these all natural single ingredient fruit strips in mango and keep them in my bag daily. They are 40 calories each too. Not bad if you are counting, right?

Why is this a good choice?

Fruit to add some sweetness, plus the fiber and fat from the nuts and coconut to blunt the blood sugar rise to help keep me full for this long flight to paradise are all natural choices. If you add a health bar like the choices mentioned here, then you should be all set for the flight!

Happy Summer to All and Happy, Healthy travel Snacking ! 

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