Extra Hydrating Water Scoop

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People are always asking me what I am drinking when they see me walking around town, or at Barre Class. Here it is! Its so easy to pump up your water with extra nutrition and fiber just by adding some extra fruits and veggies. Check out the video & enjoy the day!



Water, Lemon, Whole Cucumber, Frozen Berries and a splash of Apple Cider Vinegar

T.J. Maxx and Healthy Snacks

T.J. Maxx Snacks Scoop

When you think of T.J. Maxx; designer clothes at a discount price come to mind. But did you know that you should also be shopping the checkout aisle for all those healthy and “hard to find” snacks that line the aisle?  Yes! They also carry organic and gourmet health food snacks at a deep discount price too:)

My last post was about the Health Bars that I recommend you try because they are super nutrient dense and yummy. My favorite bars are the Health Warrior Chia Nut Bars. There was a stretch in March where T.J. Maxx was carrying them, and I stocked up! Like most high quality items, health food is sold at a premium price as well, so buy them when you find them on sale!

After this beautiful long weekend has passed, and the excess of eating Beer, Burgers and Brownies has been consumed its time to go shopping for discount healthy snacks at TjMaxx!! Skip all those bags of Jelly Belly on the counter and buy these items happening this week :

imageLESSER EVIL CLASSIC THEATER POPCORN : This Chia dusted popcorn is gone in my house all ready. It is delicious! 3 Huge Cups is a suggested portion size. Volume dense, fills you up. I am a huge fan of healthy popcorn, and it is one of the few ways I am able to often stay on track and keep full throughout the day.

FOODS ALIVE WHITE MULBERRY : Mulberry is a delicious fruit that contains a major source of Antioxidants. Contains Vitamin C, E, A and loaded in resveratrol which protects your heart ♥ When it comes to fruit and vegetables, I don’t count calories, only ingredients, and this is purely dried Mulberry; so munch up. And its loaded with fiber just like all of your favorite berries.

BRADS RAW CRUNCHY KALE: I’m all about Crunchy Kale. Why not? Its dairy free and uses nutritional yeast, cashew and sunflower to give it a creamy texture. The entire container is a serving and its going to fill you up and surge you with the vitamin K, E and other needed nutrients. This is a real steal here!!

ORCHARD VALLEY TRAIL MIX : Pre – Portioned. Organic. Good for the Kids too. What else is needed to say. A little chocolate. My kids happen to eat nuts, so this works for them ! I always, always have a pre – portioned nut pack in my bag everyday for a snack.

LUKES PROTEIN CHIPS: These are awesome.  Ancient Grains such as quinoa and amaranth add the protein. This tastes like a  healthier , nuttier version of a regular chip. I added it to my newly purchased chip bowl yesterday and I ate them all; but that’s okay sometimes too:) image






Bad..Better and Best Nutrition Bar Scoop.


I want to help you choose more efficiently when selecting a nutrition bar. Health Bars are awesome and I usually eat one or sometimes two everyday. If one of your snacks each day is going to come from a bar, you want to make sure that it is actually providing some nutritional value to you other than a repackaged version of a candy bar!

What you need to read first! The most important thing that you should be looking at is the ingredient list, and once you have scanned the list for what is added then you should check out the nutrition panel. The ingredient list tells the story of what you are eating, and that is where the truth of the story lays!

This is from a healthy cleanse diet company? What???

This is from a healthy cleanse diet company? What???

BAD CHOICE: I don’t where to begin with this one. There are plenty of examples out there but I had to select this as my example of a really bad choice out of pure curiosity about this particular brand of product. This is a really good example of deceptive marketing. The Isagenix Nutriton Bar is marketing a brand of products that describes itself as “cleansing”. Woah! Lets just be honest here. This is a GMO candy bar. They have added a combination of artificial and sugar 11 times! I circled them for you. How crazy is this?


There are some better choices for you .

imageBEST CHOICE: Homemade. I am not good at baking at all.  I do whip up a little oatmeal based cookie bar action from time to time and have shared some recipes with you in the past, but the nutritional Bar Local Love goes to Elyce at Skinny Buddha! I’ve been eating these Peanut Bars a lot lately. They are made entirely from whole ingredients. They happen to have more calories than many other bars, but that shouldn’t scare you because you don’t continue to gain weight from healthy fat. Sugar is the criminal , not sunflower seeds:)




Check out this article on FitLife.tv where I discuss the top 5 ingredients to avoid!

Not All Bars Are Created Equal

Dried Fruit Fun

I really love eating dried fruit and vegetables. They really help me stick to eating whole sweet foods, and not grab processed food when I’m craving something sweet. Most of the dried fruit in the supermarkets have extra sugar added, and that is the last thing anyone needs in a snack! I do have some store bought favorites and am sharing them below, but in case you are feeling adventurous, you can make your own dried fruit and vegetables too!

I went on Amazon and bought a well reviewed lower priced dehydrater imageand now am the “proud” owner of this model right here. *You can buy it by clicking on it*

Here is what is so cool about these devices that I didn’t know before. They’re similar to a crock pot. You just set it and leave it. I put the fruit on the tray in the morning as I was starting my day, and the fruit was ready by dinner time. You can dry practically anything. I checked my fridge and found a package of beets. Slice it, layer it , leave it, and 8 hours later you are finished!  A homemade fun and super healthy way to eat your fruits and vegetables.

FOODSCOOP:When you dehydrate the food, the temperature dries it while retaining many of the Vitamins and Nutrients inside. This is because most of the fruit and vegetables are set at a relatively low heat for a long period of time while still preserving the vitamins!

BEET SCOOP:Gorgeous Red Beets are so high in Fiber and antioxidants They are Loaded with Folic Acid which is a known heart disease protector. The power player in Beets is the Betanin which prevents the formation of LDL. If you are struggling with high cholesterol then add Beets to help naturally lower it!

8 hours later and look at the results! Just Beautiful and Sweet!



Or you can buy some of my favorite dehydrated snacks below: Enjoy the Sweet Spring Time!

seaweed snak

Seaweed Snacks are full trace minerals!

Dang Coconut chips

The caramel flavor uses coconut sugar! Fiber Filled Sweet Treat! My favorite!




jicama chips

The absolute best! Pre- Biotic cleansing Jicama chips!

dried fruit

Organic Dried Fruit and Nothing Else Added!


Kidney Stones do Happen!

( Full article available on FitLife )

It happened to me, and it is the absolute worst pain that you can possibly imagine. A Kidney stone. It is  just the most terrible experience. There are things you can do to help prevent them if you know the right foods to eat. The irony is that I didn’t know that the exact food that I eat are part of the class of foods that can contribute to the development of Kidney Stones!

I write all about the reasons behind how someone can develop a Calcium Oxalate Kidney Stone in the latest article for Fitlife.TV

Trying to shift my habits about Kale, Spinach, Beets, Berries, Chocolate and Nuts is going to be much more difficult than giving up sugar! But I only need to cut back, not eliminate them.

This is a perfect example of how food works on a cellular level for each individual. One person’s food can be another person’s poison. I don’t necessarily have to eliminate as much as add other foods or nutrients to my diet to help support the binding and breakdown of Oxalate in my body.

skinny buddah

This is Skinny Buddha’s Salad! YUM!

So Yes! I can still eat the Raw Kale salad from Skinny Buddha and reap the nutritional benefits! Elyce’s yummy and so super healthy salad contains loads of raw garlic.

Garlic Scoop: Not only is her salad loaded with super immune boosting antibiotic properties, but the B-6 in the garlic helps reduce the levels of urinary Oxalates. Garlic is also a natural diuretic that helps flush the system.

Check out my article that provides some detailed information about the dreaded KIDNEY STONE and what you can do about it. Or click on the FOODSCOOP.co Website for a list of food to buy to help prevent stones!

Low Oxalate Wrap - Chicory, Tomato, Avocado, Mushrooms, Yogurt Cheese and YUM!

Low Oxalate Wrap –
Chicory, Tomato, Avocado, Mushrooms, Yogurt Cheese and YUM!



Hi Healthy People!

I want to share with you the new site that I created called FOODSCOOP.  I’m still working out the kinks and invite comments and feedback from those of you who have been so supportive of my new journey into helping others simplify their health :). Thank you!! Thank You!!
This site helps you simplify your nutritional needs by searching for the food that supports the vitamins you may want to add to your diet, or the chronic condition you want to help out with whole foods. I also suggest alternate grocery items by categories that are healthier with less processed ingredients and sugar.
The intention is for it to be used, shared and shopped from either the computer or your phone!   This site can simplify your food choices and help you choose more wisely. I hope you find it super helpful and you can shop from my Amazon Store some of my favorite foods and supplements that I use.






Hey Friends!

As you may have read from one of my earlier posts on Mushrooms I have made a commitment to eat them daily to support strong immune health and illness prevention. Mushrooms are proven to provide our body with this strong level of nutritional support. With 1 week left of March to go I have to say that I am feeling very proud about my commitment both physically and mentally. (Disclaimer: I skipped 1 day so far, It happens:)) I was originally inspired to commit to health with a specific food after participating in Cycle for Survival to help raise money for Cancer Research. This personal challenge  to eat something totally for the purpose of optimal health benefit got me thinking about how much easier it is to add good things into your life, then giving up unhealthy habits. Bad habits stick and its hard to trick ourselves unless we really believe in what we are doing.

How do we shift and change habits?

We try so hard not to eat “this”, and to stick to “that” diet, and stay away from “this” food group. Some of us have been dieting since grade school! A lot of this mind-set has us spinning in circles and over thinking decisions that should be so very easy and innate to make. When you shift your perspective about the quality of food that you will allow yourself to enjoy, it’s no longer about “holding onto the rails,” because you no longer want those ingredients inside your body.

Adding something to your plate that is nutritionally amazing for you is honoring yourself with an entirely new level of self-respect!  Avoiding foods no longer becomes a challenge, it becomes thoughtless.  You don’t want that stinky food that makes you feel stinky and smell stinky!

Think about how you want to feel, over how you want to look, and the choices become effortless.

I feel empowered after eating mushrooms daily ( not because I love them so much) because I know I’m doing something super healthy for myself and making a point of committing to it. I’m aware of this decision daily and it affects the other choices I make. It naturally crowds out the unhealthy foods.


♥ Commit 1 week to a new food that is wholesome and full of nutrition. Check out the benefits of this food and why you should eat it.  Observe what starts to fall away as you fill your self with nourishing foods.

You can check out all the different ways that I have been eating mushrooms this month by clicking on my Instagram account! Hope to see you there commenting and posting as well:)




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