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Welcome to my first blog post about avocados! Why this product for my introduction? Avocados are the yummiest and can be used on anything; dip,  eggs, across a salad, with meat or veggie burgers. I could eat an avocado every single day, but I don’t, until now… Wholly Guacamole  has got to be one of the most genius creations in the 100 calorie field of food! You may not remember this, but there was a time not too long ago when you couldn’t find avocados in the grocery stores regularly. They were considered an exotic fruit. They are so delicious , creamy, sweet and savory and can accompany a variety of food items in many different ways. I find avocados to be the most versatile of all fruits, because they are a breakfast , lunch and a dinner food.   We all know that avocados are incredibly nutritious; loaded with healthy fats, fiber, potassium and healthy cholesterol lowering benefits, but its hard to figure out how to incorporate them into our daily diet on a smaller portion. Plus, they can be tricky to cut up as well.  Wholly Guacamole happens to be a tremendously healthy pre- packaged item with ZERO processed ingredients. That means all fresh, all good stuff.  I make an entire pack of WHOLLY GUACAMOLE last for two meals. A little of this nutritious powerhouse goes a long way.


  • A spread on toast or your starch of choice works well.
  • Eggs and a scoop of guacamole is savory.
  • Are you a smoothie drinker? Add it in. If you don’t like avocados, add it in anyway , its so healthy and you wont taste it mixed in with your other ingredients.


  • Salad. Its a fruit, that tastes like a vegetable and these packs only have 5 grams of carbohydrates per serving with 3 of those grams being fiber. You are good to go adding this fruit to any salad, every day!
  • Sandwich of choice; A thin layer on your all natural real bread  goes very far!
  • Good old fashion dip for chips and vegetables!

Health Scoop : Protein, carotenoids help your hair, nail, heart, eyes all work better! Mono saturated fats help the heart !

Their websites has recipes available for you. Happy to lead you the way to this versatile and perfectly nutritious100 calorie packed scoop.

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