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Fear of Food

I used to diet myself fat. This is the only way to describe the lifelong addiction of restriction. Afraid of eggs, only eating egg whites. Afraid of ice cream, only eating fat-free frozen yogurt. Afraid of butter, and only using the spray on can to grease the pan. Afraid of 2% Greek Yogurt, and only eating the Fat Free variety. The list goes on and on and on. Fear holds us back from so many things in our lives that can benefit our well-being, heal our soul, make us stronger, smarter and more successful.  Fear also hold us back from stepping outside ourselves to recognize our true nature and accepting our behavior.  Fear protects us from being wrong. I am wrong all of time, and so are you. Accept it and don’t bristle and become defensive when it is recognized by someone else. This is fear.

It doesn’t happen overnight, but with subtle habit shifts and awareness to how you feel after you eat certain foods, or create new habits, you can also recognize that its much more freeing and healthy to live without fear of food.

I swear to you, that my life is separated into two parts. I call it Before Egg Whites  and After Egg Whites. So much change, growth, career expansion, body  loving strength,  mental clarity, and health is in the after part! So much of our identify is wrapped up into how we eat; and how we eat it how we live.

Do you live with a discipline for health or do you live with a restriction of cautious fear? There is a big difference between the two.

Email me for a free Heath and Wellness Consultation and I can help you navigate past these fears and coach you to your version of balanced health!

In good Health and Happy Holiday Cheer!



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